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Give Your Office a Mini Makeover

In the past year, our homes have become more than just homes. They have been schools, gyms, and offices. Trying to maintain a normal flow when everything has been crammed into one space can feel daunting or even exhausting. While it may never feel entirely normal, there are things you can do to try to maintain some order.

Keeping things separate is key. Just like in any building – different rooms should serve different purposes. If possible, dedicate a space as your office space. Take a look at our previous blog for advice on how to create a home office.

We have come to realise that lockdowns can still happen at any time. Having custom office storage is one of the best things you can do to make life feel a bit more normal.

Understanding your space

Understanding the space available to you and what your needs are will help in the creation of your office.

While often a home office is usually (and ideally) for one person, the pandemic has meant that many of us have had to settle for our partners or family members as office mates. This sudden combination can often lead to home offices becoming a jungle of folders, stationery, and computer cords.

You may feel that working in any space, like sitting at the dining table, would be sufficient, but it is likely that would only encourage distractions. Instead, having a dedicated space to work in will significantly improve your performance.

If you are going to be merging with another person, keep your work separate. Designate specific shelves, or entire units, for each person sharing the office. By defining the space, you will limit distractions and increase productivity.

Or, if you already have your own setup, use filing boxes or mobile storage units to clear up space quickly. Don't forget you've always got the option of tucking things away under your desk.

Custom office storage is a great way to utilise space and keep things organised. Effective storage is a key element of a well-planned and productive environment.


Office lighting can have a tremendous effect on your mood and your productivity. Having a clearly defined workspace is definitely helpful, but the type of lighting you use can sway your performance.

Low lighting can strain your eyes, tiring you out. Lights that are too bright can cause migraines and even interfere with your sleeping patterns. Either way, your productivity will be impaired.

Recently, LED lighting has become a popular, energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent lights. As well as being more sustainable, they have a longer life span and have been known to increase an individual's attention span and improve mood.

If you're looking for a quick lighting solution, something as simple as changing your light bulbs can be extremely beneficial. Some offices have found that using warm, yellow coloured light bulbs at the start of the day creates a relaxing space that helps employees ease into a more alert state. To continue to grow more alert, these offices have then switched to cooler blue lights, which encourages concentration.

Your workflow will follow a more natural progression by alternating your lighting, and your day will gently wind down.

Your desk

The desk is the heart of the office. It's the space you are most connected with, so it's essential that it is designed to fit you.

If you find that changing your lighting is improving your work output, consider using a standing desk as well. Stilling down all day can cause 'sedentary behaviour,' which affects both your mental and physical health. Standing desks can often boost your engagement and improve your overall mood.

However, another option is to fashion a desk to be precisely how you want it.

If your home office does have a traditional desk, consider replacing it with a wall shelf. This allows you to free up space while giving your office a more polished look. The length of your desk can be customised to fit your computer, files, or even plants you want to use to brighten up the room. The desk's height can be decided based on your height or the amount of storage space you need underneath.

Drilling holes in the back of your customised desk to feed cords through will eliminate the tangled, distracting mess that multiple electronics often create.

By assigning areas of your home office for different household members, making use of the lighting, and tailoring your desk space, you will help establish a more productive and effective workspace. Customised and creative office storage solutions will not only improve your work performance it will also mean having a more stylish office.

We work closely with architects, builders, and our customers to develop the perfect solution for your space and budget. Have a chat with our team about what we can design for your office space.

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