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.40.150.194 I need to get all the rows where projectname='works with Linux' and hostipaddress='' I have tried below projectname in ('works with Linux') and (hostipaddress = '') But I get no results as it gets all the results I also tried projectname='works with Linux' and hostipaddress='' But here also it gets all the rows which are not required. How can I filter the results to get rows which satisfy the conditions. A: MySql 5.x has been shipped with OR statements for years and even allows you to generate them dynamically So instead of writing: SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE (projectname ='something') AND (hostipaddress ='something else') You can use a list of OR statements WHERE (projectname ='something' OR projectname ='something else') If you find yourself needing to use an IN statement (which is not supported in MYSQL) you can nest the above query like this: WHERE (projectname IN ('something','something else')) AND (hostipaddress IN ('something else', 'another thing')) This is obviously suboptimal, and probably not the best idea, but it should work. Use in operator WHERE (projectname = 'works with Linux') AND (hostipaddress = '') or subquery AND (hostipaddress = '') AND (SELECT 1 FROM mytable a, mytable b WHERE a.projectname = 'works with Linux' AND b.hostipaddress = '') or IN subquery WHERE (projectname IN ('works with Linux', 'another project')) AND (




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Netscantools Pro Download Crack 54 sarohadl
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