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4 Ways to Keep Your Entrance Way Tidy

The entryway is like the Tupperware drawer of the home. As soon as people walk through the door, shoes come off, coats get flung about, bags get dropped – and before you know it, your whole entrance is one big tripping hazard.

Luckily, there are some organising steps you can take to control the mess.

Kick-off your shoes

Shoes are the first thing to come off as soon as you get inside. Dirt, mud and general muck litter the floor, and suddenly the dreary outside weather is right inside your front door.

The solution to this? Shoe storage. So simple, yet so effective! Having one designated place to keep shoes, boots, jandals, etc, will minimise muck getting everywhere, make it easier to keep pairs together (the left ones always seem to wander off when you’re in a hurry), and tripping will no longer be a hazard!

Footwear comes in all shapes and sizes, so there may not be one cookie-cutter solution out there that would work for everyone. Designing custom cubby spaces of varying sizes to store different family members’ shoes or other types of shoes will make storing easy.

If you are going to be designing custom storage for your entryway, you may also want to consider including a bench for people to sit on. Having a seat by the door will invite people to take off their shoes, keep your entryway nice and tidy.

Open storage

Coats are the next thing to come off when we get inside. While they are much less likely to bring in mud, they are often tossed on the floor or any nearby chair.

Storing coats away in wardrobes might seem like a straight forward solution. However, consider building custom storage instead.

Winter jackets and raincoats are often wet or damp in the colder season, and if stored away in a basic closet, they won’t have the chance to dry properly, and you’ll end up with mouldy coats. Open storage in your entryway will allow jackets to dry off without being suffocated in a closet.

Installing hooks in your custom wardrobe will help keep your coats fresh and clean and make organising much more manageable. You can even get extra hooks installed for things like shopping bags, purses, or hats for summertime.

Pack the rest away

The design team at Innovative Interiors understands that any custom storage solution needs to be functional year-round.

Open storage is especially great for easy access to shoes and coats, but places to store away off-season items should also be incorporated into the design. Drawers or smaller units to keep things you don’t need on a regular basis are an excellent way to keep all of your outdoor items together in one place.

You can even include bins in your custom design. Often we walk in the door with old receipts or wrappers in our pockets that need to be tossed. Keeping a bin that can be nicely tucked away in a tailored made storage unit will keep your pockets clear!

Keep cleaning materials close

All the hooks, storage units, and shoe racks in the world won’t keep your entranceway 100% clear.

For a spotless entryway, keep brooms and mops stored in your custom design, preferably somewhere you can quickly grab in cases of dirt emergencies. These can be tucked away between your storage unit and the wall for a more seamless look.

Installing a tailor-made storage solution is the best way to wrangle a mess and keep your entryway clear and tidy.

At Innovative Interiors, we offer a consultation that will help determine the best solution for your home. Contact us today, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experienced designers to get the process started.

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