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A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place

You’ve had a rough day, it’s started to rain on your way home and you’re juggling groceries, a muddy dog, keys and mail as you finally make it through your front door. You fall in a heap, exhale and shed the weight of the day along with your dripping raincoat. Oranges roll out of your reusable supermarket bag and down the hallway, keys end up on the floor, the dog has bolted, and the mail is nowhere to be seen. Sound familiar?

We all do this - something I term ‘plonking things’ - as we get in the door. Any handy surface will do. Life’s just too busy to get organised, right? Wrong!

The demands of modern life mean that it’s essential to make spaces where you can be organised, and stop chasing your tail. Life’s too busy not to be organised!

It’s not long before the bills are misplaced and become overdue, you lose the phone number of an important lead, or worse still you forget to sign the permission form for the school trip to the zoo because it was out of sight and out of mind.

Most of us have an email inbox, but do you have a physical inbox at home? It might be a drawer, or a shelf in a cupboard in the hallway. Somewhere that becomes a tangible to do list of things that need to be actioned or to find their home. Ultimately letters, notes, bills and the finger-painting that comes home from kindy will need to be sorted through and dealt with, but an inbox stops the clutter building up around your home. And just like an email inbox, for this to work you must remember to check your inbox regularly and empty it often!

There are so many stylish options for the storage of documents and the needs of a home office, it all really comes down to what space you have, and what you want from it. A free consultation with one of our design experts at Innovative Interiors is a fantastic place to get started. We can look at what sort of space you have to work with and create custom-made storage that is sympathetic to your home. If a storage cupboard isn’t going to work, how about a sideboard? Or a custom-built desk or TV cabinet with built in suspension filing drawers? There are many options that serve dual purposes, the possibilities are endless.

Our vision here at Innovative Interiors is always to help our clients bring a new level of orderliness to their homes with the implementation of quality storage solutions. We hope that you can find the inspiration to get organised within our broad product range, and we look forward to talking to you about how we can make it happen!

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