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Building Your Bedroom Oasis

As a place to relax, rest and recharge, the bedroom should be a calming retreat – tidy and free of clutter and mess. But, the reality for many of us means that going to bed involves navigating around bulky, overflowing pieces of furniture, removing discarded clothing or towels from the bed, and tripping over mystery items on the floor.

In hindsight, it seems obvious that our bedroom should be the most minimalist and organised room in the house, but it is not always that simple! With a trend for houses to have large open living areas; and for bedrooms to include an ensuite, large wardrobe or other non-traditional feature, it is easy for a modern day bedroom to lose its real purpose. Instead, overcome with items that could be better stored elsewhere, or hidden away cleverly in the bedroom itself.

Pick your feature items to suit the space

If you have moved into a new home, are renovating, or simply taking a fresh look at your bedroom layout, start with considering the furniture. Rather than traditional single purpose items, look for stylish, multi-purpose items that use floor space well and include different storage options like drawers or built-in compartments.

Perhaps your current bed is too big, high or bulky for the space; or you may have room to upgrade to a larger sized bed that incorporates storage to help keep the room tidy and organised. For kids, think about whether twin beds are needed, or a pull-out underneath will work for sleepovers; or consider a modern bunk design that includes different bed configurations, and often includes a built-in desk, bookshelf or cubby.

When it comes to other furniture, think about whether a tallboy will utilise space better than a low, wide set of drawers, or build additional storage into your wardrobe space to avoid the need for free-standing storage altogether.

When it comes to storing items like jewellery, footwear and linen; or toys or books in children’s rooms, look for storage items that use space cleverly. For example storage boxes that slide under the bed or on to the floor of the wardrobe; hanging organisers that can be placed behind doors or inside wardrobes; and wall-mounted book rails as opposed to a bulky bookshelf.

Build or create the best wardrobe possible

If you are building new, or have budget to renovate, make sure you are maximising your wardrobe space and customising it to suit your individual requirements. While standard or build-your-own wardrobe solutions are functional, they don’t offer much flexibility in terms of the inside layout, or how it will complement the rest of your bedroom.

By have your wardrobe designed, you can ensure it is located to maximise the space available. You can make sure you have the right mix of hanging space, shelving and drawers; and that any bespoke requirements like specialised compartments, mirrors or invisible sliding doors that work with the room are catered for.

Fill your storage spaces thoughtfully

Whether you are placing clothing in a drawer or hanging it a cupboard, utilise the great tips and tricks out there to ensure you can fit as much as possible, neatly and tidily into spaces. When it comes to clothing, hang bulky items towards the sides of your wardrobe, and lighter, more frequently used items upfront.

For small and awkward items that are difficult to fold and stack, think about rolling them or folding them in an alternative way, so they sit tidily in your drawer or storage box. If you are using wardrobe space for luggage bags, fill them up with rarely used seasonal items or blankets and linen that gets rotated out, to maximise the space that they take up.

De-clutter frequently

Small rooms can become untidy fast, so make sure you have a routine in place to clear out the clutter. Regular seasonal declutters are great for getting rid of the broken, outgrown or unused items, but good storage solutions will also make it easy to keep on top of the day to day mess. If everything has a place to be put away, it is easier to stay on top of the clutter and keep your room clear and beautiful.

By making sure you have the right key items in your bedroom; a great wardrobe solution; and a thoughtful and methodical way of putting items away and keeping on top of the clutter, you can ensure that you walk into a peaceful sanctuary when you open the doors of your bedroom. Take advantage of a free consultation with a design expert at Innovative Interiors, who will work with you to create the perfect customised wardrobe for your bedroom space.

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