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Clear the Clutter Before Christmas

The lead up to Christmas is a busy time – our calendars fill up with Christmas parties, school break ups and other events. There’s Christmas shopping to be done, and you might be getting ready for visitors or packing to head to the bach! As well as the festive hustle and bustle, the seasons have changed – heavy coats, knits and umbrellas from winter need to make way for the dresses, sunhats and swimwear of summer!

With so much going on, decluttering your home might be low on the list – but when you think about enjoying a seasonally-appropriate wardrobe, tidy play areas, easy-to-access ‘sometimes’ items and a beautifully decorated tree – a good sort-out starts to make perfect sense.

A declutter can help you feel more organised and help with Christmas shopping for the family by giving you an idea of what you do and don’t have and freeing up space for new things about to enter your home. To keep things manageable, we suggest focusing on a few key areas:

Seasonally Appropriate Wardrobes

First, review your winter wardrobe and donate any items that you didn’t use, or have fallen out of love with; then move items like heavy coats, boots and fleeces into storage or a less prominent area of your wardrobe. Check your summer clothing to ensure items are in good condition and still fit, move lighter, brighter clothing to be more visible and accessible. Remember to check over smaller items like swimwear, underwear, hats and sunglasses, arranging them neatly in baskets or trays, rather than dumping them in the nearest drawer.

Children will often wear out items during a season or grow a size or two, so you may find core items like swimwear, sandals and hats need to be replaced – the perfect start to your Christmas shopping list!

A Toy De-Stash

When it comes to kids, toys are a major cause of post-Christmas clutter. A de-stash beforehand will not only clear some room but also allow you to see what they might want or need as gifts. Start by discarding anything that is broken or unusable, grouping sets together and checking for missing pieces, and placing anything aside that your children have grown out of.

Storing ‘like’ toys together and ensuring everything has a home – whether it be a soft toy basket, bookshelf or storage box – not only helps keep things organised, but also makes it easier for your children to see what they have available to play with, and where to put it away afterwards! A toy clear-out can be overwhelming for kids but turn it into a positive experience by talking about donating unused items to those that are younger or less fortunate; and by discussing what new age-appropriate items they might want to add to Christmas wish lists.

Don’t forget the ‘big kids’ toys too – apply the same tips and sort through your own board games, DVD’s, music collections and cabinets to ensure you are only holding on to stuff that is useful and enjoyable; with the added bonus of knowing you’ll be ready to entertain any holiday visitors.

Organised ‘Sometimes’ Items

Most homes struggle to store stuff that’s only used occasionally – whether it is guest linen, festive decorations or seasonal sporting equipment – storing these ‘sometimes’ items cleverly will reduce clutter and makes things easy to find when you really need them.

Keep guest towels stored separately from family items; store bedding and linen in the rooms they are used in, with sheets and comforters folded neatly into customised spaces or storage baskets in wardrobes; and utilise space in your kitchen or living area cabinets to store tea towels, tablecloths and napkins.

Well-designed hallway or garage cupboards with large compartments, bespoke racks or drawers can be utilised for awkward items like sports gear and Christmas essentials. When putting up your tree and decorating, check ornaments and throw out anything broken, not working, or not used in a while. Check for damage when you pack it away and utilise specially designed wrapping paper and ornament storage cases to keep things tidy, untangled and undamaged – ready for the next year.

When you’ve finished, not only will your home feel less cluttered and your storage areas and wardrobes more organised and relevant to the season – you may also find you’ve got a great list of Christmas present ideas for your family.

Whether organising a bedroom, playroom or other dedicated zones of your home, effective storage is a key element in ensuring your living spaces are both functional and beautiful. Take advantage of a free consultation with a design expert at Innovative Interiors, who will work with you to create a customised solution that will work with the space you have, and what you want from it.

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