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Kids Room Storage

This week we’re talking about storage in our kids’ rooms. For many parents, our children’s bedrooms and their accumulated belongings can become a constant struggle. Toys pile up and overflow their baskets, socks disappear into dark corners, clothing ends up jumbled and messy. Fighting this chaos can be a daily battle, one that I know all too well. So, here are some ideas and hopefully a little inspiration on how to create a storage system for your little (and not so little) ones.

1. Decluttering.

I know that sometimes decluttering can be a painful task to face when it comes to your kids’ belongings, but when approached the right way we can minimise the challenges we face. I often start by suggesting they sort through their toys and clothes for items they have outgrown or no longer need, to donate to charity. If they need an incentive to make a decent dent in their possessions, set one! If they’re not up for doing it themselves, wait until they’re not around (trust me on this, if you do it with a young child, every scrap of paper becomes a potential battle!), and get started. I do this at least yearly, working with a bag for rubbish, a bag for stuff to donate, and a bag for items to put away elsewhere. Be ruthless! If your child doesn’t play with or wear it, it doesn’t need to be there. I have found that every time I’ve done this, removing multiple bags of old toys and mess from my kids’ rooms each time, only one or two items have ever been missed.

2. Beginning with the right framework

If you have a wardrobe in the room or space to add one this will give you a great head start in decluttering the room, if you use it wisely! Installing a custom-built shelving unit gives you the chance to maximise your space and fit much more in, while keeping it tidy. Think about what items your child will keep in there now, but also what they will need in five- or ten-years’ time. A short clothing rack is perfect for a pre-schooler and gives more space, but perhaps make the shelves above the rack moveable so that one day it will hold your teen’s ballgowns too. Our consultants at Innovative Interiors can work with you to find options that can be changed as your child grows, ensuring that your investment in the wardrobe is a long-lasting one.

Adding slide-out shoe storage is another simple way to keep the bedroom floor clear. Having a designated spot for shoes where your child can be taught to keep their footwear in orderly pairs removes the jumble of a shoe pile or basket, and helps you avoid those last minute “Muuum, I can’t find my other sandal!” moments.

3. Putting it all together

When installing your child’s clothing storage system, think about accessibility and orderliness. Will your child be able to reach this without help? Will they find it easy to keep tidy? A set of baskets on wardrobe shelves is a great option to avoid extra furniture but do ensure that they’re large enough to easily hold all your child’s clothing, light enough for them to lift down, and within easy reach or you may find they start to overflow or become a mess hotspot. With such a wide range of baskets available to buy, it’s easy enough to find a set that will match your décor and personality, bringing lovely personal touches to the wardrobe.

Soft toys have a few simple solutions. I went with a tall laundry basket tucked into the corner of each wardrobe, I like this as it’s easy to match the basket to décor and add a touch of extra style. If you have the space and want a multipurpose option, try filling a beanbag cover with your child’s soft toys and it’ll add a comfy spot for them to read and relax.

At this point you should be fairly sorted but have a look around the space for those little things that need a home and figure out where they belong. Going through the whole system with your child makes sure they have a place for everything, and fingers crossed you’ll have a smooth transition into a tidier state of affairs!

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