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Let There Be Light – Bringing the Brightness into Your Wardrobe

When designing your dream wardrobe, the initial focus is quite rightly on organising and optimising the space – thinking about how you’ll use the area, what needs to fit and be stored in the space, and how to improve and enhance the overall functionality of it. A simple but often overlooked design aspect that can dramatically impact a small area like a wardrobe is lighting.

In both walk-in wardrobes and more standard style wardrobes, a simple downlight is just not going to cut it when it comes to illuminating deep shelves, hanger areas, and floor spaces. Wardrobes need to be bright, free of shadows, provide a pleasant ambience, and showcase your beautifully organised pieces.

Some thoughtful and strategically planned lighting can make a significant difference in the perception of space in your wardrobe and enhance what could be a simple wardrobe to a stunning space to really enjoy.

Add Light Throughout Your Closet

Rather than looking at your wardrobe as a whole and thinking about lighting it from the ceiling down, look at each element of your wardrobe individually, and decide how each component can be best lighted to showcase the items stored.

Add ribbon or strip lighting above clothes along the length of closet rods to create brightness across the full width of your wardrobe, especially at each end of the wardrobe, where it is often dim and difficult to see items. This is an excellent option for both walk-in wardrobes and small standard size ones.

Cabinet lights are small lights which can be recessed or surface mounted and are perfect for adding to cupboards and shelving to create a simple glow of light in each shelf, illuminating deep spaces.

LED strip lighting is ideal for shelving or drawers, as it can be easily customised to suit different lengths. The strip lighting creates a sleek line of light embedded inside or on top of each shelf, creating a soft glow so you can easily see accessories or clothing items.

For a bold look, and to ensure that shoes, boots, and boxes stored in the base of your wardrobe can be seen easily, consider installing floor lights or lighting around the perimeter of your wardrobe as well.

In larger wardrobes, track lighting, or light bars – adjustable lights allowing you to direct the light beam wherever you need more light – are a great idea. You can direct the beam into dark areas or trouble spots. These are ideal for wardrobes with lots of hangers or pull out drawers.

Make A Statement

If you have a generous wardrobe space, make a bold statement by installing a chandelier or pendant light as a hero piece in the space. These are best featured above an island bench or over a makeup counter or similar, and ones featuring crystals will help reflect and direct light all around your closet.

For a more whimsical feel, choose from the wide range of string twinkly or feature lights available to add a different vibe to your closet. These are available in a range of styles and colours from classic white, to cascades of rainbow lights, and even options with different lighting and twinkling effects. These can be strung around doorways or mirrors, placed into mason jar displays, or draped over jewellery or coat stands – the options are endless.

If space allows, go all out and install a window or skylight into your walk-in closet to let in natural light. Consider placement carefully to ensure it can be kept free of any light-blocking items like boxes stacked up high and think about window treatments like blinds if there is a concern about fading or light damage to items in your wardrobe.

Think About The Details

When you’ve decided on your lighting requirements, think about what type of lights are best for wardrobes. LED lights are usually recommended for wardrobes as they are incredibly efficient, last a very long time, and generate a minimal amount of heat, even if placed behind glass cabinet doors or in other enclosed spaces.

Finding the right bulb wattage is also important, as LED and other light bulbs come in a range of different wattages and can create different room effects depending on the colour scheme of the wardrobe cabinetry, and any existing ambient or natural light. Depending on a cabinet’s finish, a warm or cool LED could be appropriate. Dimmer switches are also an option, allowing you to alter the light intensity up or down depending on the natural light being provided at different times of the day.

Well thought out lighting in your wardrobe space can illuminate hard to see areas and make them more functional. It can also help keep your space organised, make your carefully chosen cabinetry and showcase items pop, and add to the overall visual appeal and impact of your carefully designed wardrobe space.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing wardrobe or designing a new one, take advantage of a consultation with a design expert at Innovative Interiors, who will work with you to create a customised solution that will work with the space you have, and what you want from it.

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