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Stunning and Secure Jewellery Storage

Jewellery is one of those fashion items that people have different relationships with – some people have one or two key pieces that we wear regularly – maybe just an engagement and wedding ring, a watch, and a favourite pair of earrings. While other people love a variety of different metals and stones or bright and vibrant costume jewellery that can be mixed and matched with different outfits and other accessories, and own hundreds of different pieces.

Regardless of whether you are the careful keeper of a few treasured items, or the passionate owner of a glittering, growing collection, there is nothing worse than tangled necklaces, missing earrings, or even worse – not being able to find a sentimental item like a wedding ring or family heirloom.

Jewellery is often small, fragile, precious, and often expensive – so careful storage is essential, and if you are a real lover of bright, stunning jewellery, displaying it beautifully is also essential!

Build It In

If you are fortunate enough to be building, renovating, or designing a new space, consider building a jewellery storage solution into your space by developing your wardrobes or cupboards with specially designed drawers or cabinets to accommodate your jewellery.

Use shallow drawers lined with felted ring and watch holders, storage compartments in various sizes, suspended or hanging rods for necklaces and solid bracelets, and mounted earring storage boards to not only keep your jewellery stored tidily, but also let you view and select items easily.

If you require safe, secure storage for precious or expensive items, consider installing a lockable safe in your wardrobe or another area of your home – these can often be cleverly concealed inside a space, and also fitted with suitable storage compartments to keep your jewellery organised.

Similar storage options can be built into existing spaces too, even in small spaces where areas like the backs of wardrobe doors can be utilised with pegboards, suspended rods, earring boards, and knobs to hold jewellery of varying sizes.

Stand-alone Solutions

If building jewellery storage into your space isn’t an option, consider purchasing stand-alone storage options to add to your area, like a freestanding mirror with hidden jewellery storage inside, or a large countertop jewellery box.

Other stand-alone solutions include options like freestanding pegboards, magnetic jewellery displays, plastic and wooden drawer units, and wall-hung jewellery cabinets or frames.

Use Accessories for Your Accessories

For those that love to look at their jewellery and have it displayed prominently, there are some fantastic display accessories available for purchase and to make that allow you to show your collection proudly.

Jewellery ‘trees’ come in a variety of materials including woods, metallics, bright colours, and vintage options, and allow you to drape necklaces and dangly earrings and slide rings over the ‘branches.’

For DIY enthusiasts, old frames, mirrors, corkboards, and even ladders can be repurposed with wires, rods, and other accessories to make unique jewellery display units. Almost anything can be mounted to walls or doors and used to hang jewellery from – from industrial items like metal rods and hooks through to display units made from branches.

Jewellery bowls and dishes can be sourced in a variety of sizes, and are especially great for keen cooks or gardeners who are prone to taking jewellery off by the sink – leave them in kitchen, laundry or bathroom, so you never have that sudden fear of where you’ve left a precious piece of jewellery.

Whether you like to keep jewellery carefully stored away or prefer to keep it prominently displayed like a piece of art, there are plenty of options available to suit different homes, spaces, and styles. Whether you are working on a new project that requires bespoke jewellery storage options, or need to fit jewellery storage into an existing space in your home take advantage of a consultation with a design expert at Innovative Interiors, who will work with you to create the perfect solution to suit your unique requirements.

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